VSDebugPro Common Concepts and Features


This document covers common concepts, features, and conventions used throughout VSDebugPro. Familiarizing yourself with these elements will help you navigate and use the tool more effectively.

Console Interface

VSDebugPro provides a console interface for executing commands and viewing output.

Console Basics
  • Commands are entered at the prompt (typically >)
  • Use help to see a list of available commands
  • Use help <command> for detailed information on a specific command
Address Specification

Addresses can be specified in several formats:

  • Hexadecimal: Prefixed with ‘0x’ (e.g., 0x00656789)
  • Decimal: Plain number (e.g., 6789456)
  • Symbol names: If symbols are loaded (e.g., &myVariable)
Variables and Arguments Specification

Variables and Arguments can be specified as:

  • Decimal numbers (e.g., 1024)
  • Hexadecimal numbers (e.g., 0x400)
  • Expressions (e.g., 1024*1024 for 1 MB)
File Paths
  • Absolute paths are recommended (e.g., C:\temp\mydump.bin)
  • Relative paths use the Working Directory specified in Settings
Debugging Context

VSDebugPro operates within the current debugging context of Visual Studio:

  • Commands affect the currently debugged process
  • Ensure you’re at the correct breakpoint or execution point when using commands
  • Some commands may not be available when debugging is not active
Expression Evaluation

Many commands support expression evaluation:

  • Arithmetic expressions: e.g., 1024*1024
  • Symbol resolution: e.g., &myVariable+0x10
Error Handling

When errors occur:

  • Error messages are displayed in the console
  • Check command syntax and parameters
  • Ensure the debugger is in the correct state for the command
  • Verify memory addresses and sizes are valid

VSDebugPro offers several ways to customize your experience:

  • Settings UI: Configure global settings and file associations
  • Aliases: Create custom shortcuts for frequently used commands
  • Scripts: Use the exec command to run sequences of commands from YAML files
Performance Considerations
  • Large memory operations may take time, especially on remote debugging sessions
  • Be cautious with very large memory dumps or loads
  • Use appropriate sizes when working with memory to avoid performance issues
Getting Help
  • Use the help command in the console for command-specific information
  • Refer to the VSDebugPro documentation for detailed guides and examples
  • Check for tooltips and context-sensitive help in the UI